Vibrational Fitness

Physio-Psychology is vibrational energy healing

What is Vibrational Fitness?

Vibrational Fitness is our Innate Fitness, which most of us lost over time. Fitness consists of 6 components: Strength, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Coordination, and Endurance. Animals – especially in the wild – meaning no connection or interaction with humans – still have their vibrational fitness. If you look at a tiger, it will hunt if it gets hungry. Then the tiger will physically do whatever is necessary to get food – means preying, hunting, running. The tiger then eats and then rest for days, until it get’s hungry again. The tiger can rest for days, without barely moving, and then jump up and run. Tigers and animals do not need to work out, because they still possess their innate vibrational fitness. It is the constant “tense” and “un-tense” (or relax) of all physical components. That includes the Central Nervous System as well as all the organs, tissues, cells, systems, structures and so on in our physical body. Animals are also naturally strong to all components of fitness.


With Physio-Psychology our Vibrational Fitness can be restored. Each and any of those components will be checked for weaknesses, and those will be corrected, so you are strong to Strength, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Coordination, and Endurance.

If you have issues with physical flexibility, very often, there are issues with flexibility in other areas of your life. Maybe you are not flexible enough in thinking, or accepting new ideas. If you experience that you are giving up on projects, or relationships, literally anything in your life, you might have weaknesses in endurance. The term financial fitness literally means all those components in correlation with finances – are you financially strong and flexible? Correcting on Vibrational Fitness is not only improving every aspect of your life, but you will also experience much more physical fitness.