Time and Time Management

Physio-Psychology raises your vibrational energy

Do you constantly feel hurried?

Are you late for your appointments, for school, or for work?

Do you feel, that it doesn’t matter how early you get up, how much you do, how focussed you are, you never have enough time?

Are you frustrated and irritated by the fact, that you cannot balance your private life with your work life? Do you take time just for yourself? Are you trying to be efficient at everything? Do you have downtime? Are you tired of never having enough time?


Time issues can – as any other issues we might experience – be easily corrected. With seemingly never having enough time, there is a lot of frustration, dissatisfaction, and irritation connected to it, sometimes even despair and overwhelm. If those sensation, emotions, and reactions are not corrected, we will see people overreacting for being a few minutes late. All those reactions and emotions, as well as any sensations toward time can be eliminated as well. When we feel, that there is never enough time, we create those conscious, subconscious and unconscious belief systems, that we really do not have any time to spare, and this is what we actually experience. There might be trauma involved in time issues like missed opportunities and being too late with serious consequences from the past.

Another issue could be that we do not allow ourselves to have time just for ourselves. Very often, those limitations stem from our families, how we grew up, and the fact, that we all believe that others have to come first, and we have no right to put ourselves first. Religion plays a big role in those beliefs. But they can all be corrected, so you will be able to have more time at your hand, do not feel stressed over things you have to do, and take life easier in general.