Testimonials – What my Clients say about my work:

Here are some of the testimonials – what my clients say about my work:

Juliana C. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Juliana C.

Joe C., Father of Juliana Testimonial:

“In January, my youngest daughter Juliana started having seizures. I took her to the ER, to doctors, and I was so worried about her, and so scared. She saw specialists, was diagnosed with 3 different types of seizures, and got on heavy meds, which made her fall asleep anywhere and everywhere, but the seizures actually got worse; they were more intense and it took up to 1 to 2 hours for the aftereffects to disappear. I knew Linda as a former client, and she asked me if I want to try Physio-Psychology, but I denied. I had no idea what it was, didn’t understand it, and was sceptic. 
Despite all her meds, Juliana did not get better, and I was desperate. Her last seizures were 8 hours apart, and I wanted to switch medication; her doctor said, that if we do that, she would not be covered with her meds for 4 month – those meds take a while to fully work.
One day, Linda called me and informed me that she started “correcting” on Juliana. She said, it might take a bit, because there are a lot of things to be corrected, and I still did not believe that there would be any improvement. 
I also stopped one of her meds, because she was falling asleep anywhere, she could not go to school full time, because she could not stay awake there. After Linda started working on her, she had one more seizure, very short, no comparison to the ones before. I could not believe it, and Linda kept correcting on Juliana, and since then, my daughter never had a seizure again. We went back to all the specialist doctors, and they could not find any proof for any seizure activity. Which – of course raised a lot of questions with the doctors. Juliana is now completely off her meds.

I would like to thank Linda Goodling for doing this for me and my kids. I have my little girl back. She is doing so well. If you have any chronic pain, diagnoses that don’t make sense, or something is bothering you, give her a call and she can help. What do you have to loose except relief from whatever is holding you back from being truly happy. I recommend this if you are willing to try anything that will help. It can’t hurt you, only improve.”


Sherri M. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Sherri M.


Sherri M. Testimonial:

“Hello my name is Sherri M.  I am writing this about my consult with Linda due to only the results I achieved and wanting to share the great work that is available to the world.  I have spent nearly 20 plus years trying to get my health back and have emotional peace with other Holistic practitioners. I did acquire some help but only temporary . I had one consult with Linda doing the Physio-Psychology- Method and we deleted more issues in 25 minutes than I had achieved in my life’s journey. Linda was able to delete my fundamental core issues.   I have never found any other Holistic approach that comes close.  You can easily waste 25 minutes in a Doctors waiting room or delete trillions of negative issues to make your life much better and live the life you deserve.  Linda is a very compassionate and professional, caring person not driven by greed or recognition just your personal well being.  Also a person you can trust and Physio-Psychology to back it up with results.   I believe our past ancestors with curses, karma, addictions, etc,  makes us who we are, but it’s the choices we make in our lifetime that leads us to our future.  This work has truly changed my future and can change yours.”



Suzi F. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Suzi F.


Suzi F. Testimonial:


“I had two sessions with Linda.  They were amazing and I was able to abandon some life long issues. Linda’s work is genuine and valuable.”







Tracy B. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Tracy B.


Tracy B. Testimonial:


“Working with Linda is great. After only two sessions there is marked improvement in my son’s anxiety level. He is much more comfortable and buoyant. I am so glad to have been able to meet her and to start the sessions. Next, we will work on me!.”





Sandy R. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Sandy R.


Sandy R. Testimonial:

“I consider the work Linda does miraculous. In one session she removed all the emotion I had been carrying from having been sexually molested 60 years ago. I had gone through decades of therapy, worked with therapists to heal, and though it certainly helped with the PTSD and depression, it never helped with the central emotions of fear, disgust, hatred, and hopelessness. Linda did that in one session. I get to live the rest of my life without the crippling emotional pain I had sustained all my life; I am finally free. Her work is a gift!




Amber T. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Amber T.


Amber T. Testimonial:

“Throughout the years, I had given in to the fact that I will never feel good. I will never be emotionally fullfilled, aspiring to do more, or be optimistic about life. I was hopless and everyday felt like it was dragging by. Waking up in the morning and being so angry at life and myself and who I was, projecting my emotions physically and mentally onto other people- especially my significant other. I felt like I wasn’t enough. My stomach had chronic agonizing pain every second of the day, doctors could never find what was wrong. I’ve been on antibiotics, antidepressants, anxiety meds, acid reflux meds, you name it and I’ve taken it. The pain would paralize me to the bed, miss work, and prevented me from being the best me. I’ve lost 25 pounds in 1 month from the pains in my stomach that limited my food intake. Nothing could make the pain or the sorrow go away. And then I met Linda. Linda is one of the greatest people I could have gotten in my life. One session with Linda and it flipped my world upside in the most significant way. I wake up in the morning now and I know what it’s like to actually be alive. I can finally eat food without pain. My whole day goes by and I feel so fullfilled with where I am in my life. So thankful with every person I surround myself with. I know what it’s like to feel normal and happy. And I have Linda to thank.





Jackie S. - Testimonial - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

Jackie S.

Jackie S. Testimonial:

“With the help of Linda’s work I have become a healthier, happier and better me. She has helped me with my depression, anxiety and emotional stress, due to the amazing work that she does! I feel truly blessed to have had her in my life! Thank you, Linda .











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