Relationships & Love

Physio-Psychology raises your vibrational energy

Are you single and long for a partner? Did you endure a hurtful marriage followed by a painful divorce? Are you so hurt, that you refuse to have another relationship? Did you give up on love? Are you afraid to get hurt (again)?

Do you miss the “spark” in your marriage? Is your sex-life fulfilling?

Are you “out of the dating game” and don’t want to get in, but still want a partner in your life? Are you stuck in an unhappy relationship? Or do you search for the love of your life?

Is your family making you happy? Are you dealing with issues with your parents, in-laws, or children? Do you feel obligated to your family, but there is a lot of suppressed anger and rage? Do you feel loved?


“Relationships are complicated”, but they don’t have to be. Anything and everything that will block and hinder you from having the wonderful, loving relationship that you deserve, can be corrected. We often try to mentally think what the problem could be to always attract “the wrong person”, or we might feel that we are the problem, we are difficult. We blame us or our partners for a dysfunctional relationship, but very often, the causes, reasons, and sources are completely off topic. When clients claimed to have marriage issues, the underlying problems were financial. Once those were corrected, the relationship improved.

We are also highly influenced by our parents, family members and ancestors especially when it comes to love. Often partners have karma with each other, that makes a relationship impossible. We accumulate emotions, sensations, and reactions, which increase the level of stress and pain in a relationship. All the karma, trauma, emotions, and any other influences can be deleted and completely resolved. When we experience divorce, or a breakup, we are devastated, and try to replace the old partner with a new one, but that does not work in most cases, because we still carry the trauma, the pain in any aspect, all the connected emotions, belief systems, and behavioral patterns still within us. If we get those resolved, we have a much better chance to live in a fulfilling relationship with a new partner.

Family relationships carry the most karma, trauma and pain, compared to all other relationships we have. But those relationships can be incredibly improved by correcting all those weaknesses once and for all.