Program Self Love – From Victim to Creator – Part 1

Self Love – From Victim to Creator – Part 1



I created this program Self Love – From Victim To Creator to facilitate healing of our deepest wounds and pain on a complete different level,
so we able to be neutral to all of those traumas and all connected emotions and reactions etc., to remove all the emotional charge and pain in any shape or form. If the charge and pain and everything else connected is gone, it make it much easier to let go of all those painful events and experiences. From there we can start loving ourselves.
Through our experiences from this lifetime or other lifetimes, we often believe that we are not worthy or deserving, that we are not enough, and if we feel that we are not being loved, or appreciated, or even acknowledged, we naturally do that to ourselves. We reject ourselves, even hate ourselves, and that not only creates the energetic vibration we send out to the universe, it also takes all our power away to create the life we want and desire. As long as we are victims to “what happened to us”, we are not in control of our lives. We give our power away to those experiences, or people, who hurt us.
With this program Self Love – From Victim To Creator, I want to make the world a better place, and as everything, improvement always starts with ourselves.


In this program you will receive a total of 11 recordings – actually more, because you have the option to listen to the correction audios with or without music.

Each Audio will correct your:

  • Karmas
  • Curses etc.
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Traumas
  • Connected sensations, emotions, reactions
  • Connected sensations, emotions, reactions (suppressed, denied, numbed etc.)
  • Connected pain, hurt, suffering in any aspect (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.)
  • Connected pain, hurt, suffering in any aspect (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.) (suppressed, denied, numbed, etc.)
  • Connected judgement, criticism, shame, blame, and guilt in any aspect
  • Connected core beliefs and behavioral patterns (conscious, subconscious, unconscious)
  • Connected misperception, misinterpretation, misinformation

Each Audio will also correct the above mentioned issues with your:

  • Family
  • Birth family
  • Ancestors
  • Descendants
  • Personalities

to ensure that there are no family beliefs, or genetic information (ancestors and descendants) which could weaken you – influence you negatively.

Theses  are the audio files you receive when you book Part 1:

  • Introduction  – a short audio which explains how the program works, and how you should use it.
  • Correction Audio – Change
  • Correction Audio – Rejection
  • Correction Audio – Neglect
  • Correction Audio – Abandonment
  • Meditation Audio – Inner Child
  • Correction Audio – Power
  • Correction Audio – Control
  • Correction Audio – Forgiveness
  • Meditation Audio – Conscious Release
  • Meditation Audio – Experience Love

Additionally you will receive a free 30-Minute Private Consultation, which you can book any time between 09/02/2020 and 10/02/2020.

You get all this for only $343.00 (A value of $1109.00)

You can book the program Part 1 Here