What is Physio-Psychology?

Physio-Psychology is vibrational energy healing

Physio-Psychology is vibrational energy healing through energy correction at a quantum level. Everything is energy, and so are we. Every energy has its own vibration or frequency. So, looking at us humans, we basically are the sum of all our experiences, traumas, thoughts, emotions, karmas, fears, and so on. Each one of those experiences, or emotions, or thoughts has a vibration, or frequency. So we basically are a collection of frequencies, that we constantly emanate to the Universe and the outside world. Vibrational energy healing is based on correcting those traumas, karmas, ancestral influences, and what ever else is “weakening” us aka. lowers our vibration Physio-Psychology It is the ultimate way to delete stress and pain on the spot. With Physio-Psychology, the real causes, reasons, and sources of any stress and pain will be perceived, through insight, and then corrected in the order of the weakness. It sounds pretty easy, but correction is a multi-layered, multi-step process.

Simplified it looks like this:

This process will be repeated until you test “strong” to the original problem/pain. You will perceive improvement in a matter of seconds, because Physio-Psychology deletes the real reasons, causes, and sources of any problem, stress, and/or pain.

You deserve to be happy and experience abundance in every area of your life – relationships, family, career, finances. But we all have (past) life experiences that prevent us from having this abundant life.

With Physio-Psychology, it is possible to “correct/delete” all those negative experiences, may they be coming from you or from your family, ancestors, or from any other source..

It is never what you think it is

So what are the real reasons, sources, and causes for the problem? They could be anything you can imagine in our Universe – karma, trauma, past life experiences, fears, emotions, reactions, psychological blocks, mental trauma, oaths, vows, promises, contracts, genetic (ancestrial) influences. Sources could also be the physical surroundings like a client’s home, work place, a city, or country. Reasons could be family dynamics, friends, children. And naturally the causes could also be physically, in a clients body.

Possible Reasons, Causes, and Sources:

With Physio-Psychology, it is possible to pinpoint those weaknesses in detail and simply delete them from Body, Mind, and Spirit.

In general, pain or any other problem is not caused but just one weakness. It is always a combination of different weaknesses that lead to pain or any other problem.

With every deletion, you get stronger. Physio-Psychology does not only eliminate pain or stress for a specific issue. It will automatically improve other areas of a clients life, because all areas of our lives are connected with each other. If one area improves, the others automatically improve too.

What happens if an energetic correction takes place?

Physio-Psychology is done over the phone. There is no need for physical presence or physical connection.