Physio-Psychology is honest and not logical

Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology - Physio-Psychology is honest and not logical

Physio-Psychology is honest and not logical. Because energy work takes place in all different parts and spaces within us and our (quantum) field. We are very complex beings and we have a consciousness, a subconsciousness and also an unconscious field within and around us. We are all connected with each other – on a very unconscious level, but we are all connected. Everything that we have ever experienced is stored not only in our physical body, but also in our (quantum) field. Some of it does not have any affect on us – means: we are strong to it.  Some of it “bothers” us – in other words: It is weakening us and that is lowering our vibrational energy. Some of the “stuff” that we carry around is creating physical pain or illness. Some events that happen in our world can also trigger us – and some do not at all. Those triggers are very individual, because each and everyone of us has individual experiences. 

Let me give you an example how collective influences can trigger us:

One of my clients started having extreme abdominal pain. She went to the ER, and they could not find anything. The diagnose was, that she is constipated. they gave her painkillers and told her,  she would have to use a laxative. Even though she had bowel movements, her pain prevailed. There was one thing that seemed to bother her, and that was a school shooting that happened a few days before the pain started. The school shooting was actually triggering her, because she had trauma and karma around people getting shot. Once those and all the connected emotions and reactions were corrected, the pain disappeared. 

Now, we can argue, if all those experiences which are supposedly stored within us and our field, come from past life experiences or not. That is a difficult one, because we also think of time as being linear, which it is not. If we choose to believe that time is linear, then – yes – we are talking about past lives. But if we think of time as a completely different concept, we might come to the conclusion, that all our different lives are happening simultaneously. 

At the end, it really does not matter for Physio-Psychology  because the energy work I do,  pinpoints the causes, sources, and reason for any issue, no matter what it is. And when those are corrected within the energy field,  we are “strong” to those original causes, sources, and reasons. If we are also strong to the opposite, then we are neutral and therefore, the problem, issue, or (physical) symptom disappears.  Physio-Psychology is super-fast. Energy corrections can be made within seconds, and therefore improvements happen within seconds. But we are not at light speed – we humans are slow, and our perception is really slow, so it might take a while until we actually feel the improvements. 

It is very simple, if we can accept that it is not logical. Logic is a very limited concept coming from our mind. And with my work, I do not use my mind, I use my intuition, perception, and feeling (which I have to separate from all my thinking and my emotions). 

Here is another example: 

I had a client, who was having a lot of pain in his left arm. His “explanation” of the pain is, that he has strained it, working physically. That would be a logic explanation, right? So, if that would be true, some rest should do the trick, right? But it didn’t.  At this point, logic fails miserably.  The sources, causes, and reasons came from his business, and disappointment in a close person. Once those real reasons, causes, and sources were corrected, the pain disappeared.  

Physio-Psychology is honest and not logical

 Physio-Psycology is always honest. But not everyone wants to hear the truth. And a lot of people have no perception at all. And then my energy work is not logical, it does not “make sense. ” It is easier to go back to ignorance, denial, suppression and all those other “tools” we use to not face the real issue.  And at some point, we get sick, and then we go to see a doctor and get medication – maybe to num ourselves even more. Sometimes it works for a while, sometimes it doesn’t. 

People really try to capture with their (very limited) mind what they hear and if it does not make sense, it can’t be right. Or people get scared, because I can read their fields (if I want to) and tell them things, they would not admit to themselves. How do I dare to know?

It is simple: The information is right there. EVERYONE has access to it, but most of our world population cannot even stop thinking for 10 seconds. Being in a constant mental overload, there is not way to access any of that information. 

It is very interesting that people are all into spiritual healing and meditation and raising the energy vibration. But isn’t it true, that it is very easy to be happy in a beautiful meditation, with beautiful music? And what happens after the meditation? How long does the happiness hold? Truth is: It doesn’t. 

What about raising our energetic vibration? We can also say: raising our frequency? If we want to raise our frequency, we have to not only correct the causes, sources, and reasons of our lower vibrations, we have have to become faster, much faster. Our tensing and relaxing in our physical body has to be even and fast – then we can really change our lives and also the slow down or even stop the process of aging. 

Try those exercises: 

  • Write down or speak out loud (and record) all the thoughts you think in one minute. You will be amazed how many those are. 
  • Try to not think for 10 seconds. 

If you practice that regularly, your perception will be raised, and you will have much more connection to your intuition.