Personalized Strengthening Audios

What is a Personalized Strengthening Audio?

A Personalized Strengthening Recording is made especially for your needs. If you have had a consultation with me, I have corrected the causes, reasons, and sources of your problem(s). So all karma, trauma, spiritual experiences etc. are deleted once and for all.

But you might need continuous strengthening in your physical body, or continuous deletion of your emotions and reactions. You might also need continuous strengthening of your physical surroundings (at your work place, parent’s home etc.). A personalized Strengthening Recording does just that for you.

Here are some examples

If you have high blood pressure, for example, there can be a lot of different reasons for that. I would correct all the reasons, causes, and sources for it, and very often, strengthening of the blood, speeding up the blood, strengthening the veins and arteries, and so on is part of the correction. But strengthening specific body parts does not last forever; it is like going to the gym – you are not getting muscles from one time working out. In this case I would create a specific recording just for your needs – strengthening all the components of the circulatory system, evenness of all the system and so forth.

If you are used to “overthink” things, and cannot sleep, because your mind will not stop, I can definitely correct on that, so I would delete all previous thoughts, thought patterns, limitations, emotion, reactions and much more. But I cannot keep you from thinking, so I would create a specific recording for you, to delete all your thoughts, emotions, reactions and so on, and would strengthen your physical intelligence, so would not be prone to stay awake at night, or getting emotional because of your thinking.

You can order the Personalized Strengthening Recording Here.