Money & Finances

Physio-Psychology raises your Vibrational Energy

Do you have financial issues? Does it seem like whatever you do, you seem not having enough money? Do you believe, that rich people are mean, arrogant, or condescending, and hence believe money is corrupting the character? Or do you believe you have to work hard for your money?

Are you familiar with the phrase “No pain, no gain”? Do you think you can be happy without money and that this is the “right way” to live? Do you believe you have no right to desire more money, because there are so many people who are off way worse? Do you fear, if you get richer, someone else gets poorer? Are you conflicted about money, because you know you need it to live, and want it to do the things you want, but also reject it, because “money is evil”?


We have been exposed to those or similar beliefs since our childhood. If you even believe just one of those statements, you are blocking yourself from prosperity. These are just one kind of reasons for us to reject the natural flow of money. There could be karma, even curses, fears, trauma, not only from your past, but also from your family, ancestors, descendants, and the collective. Religion tells us, it is good to be poor, that is another belief system right there. A lot of these beliefs are subconscious or even unconscious, and in order to live a prosperous life, those have to be removed.

Eliminating the exact reasons, causes, and sources of those entanglements will turn your financial weaknesses into financial strength. Traumatic experiences and connected sensations, emotions, reactions, fears around finances and money, any poverty vows and traumas and/or curses you might have will also be corrected to improve your finances.