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Linda Goodling’s Biography:

Linda Goodling’s Biography: She was born and raised in Germany and pursued a career in the High Tech Industry in Germany. Her interest in alternative healing work started early with Reiki and different energy healing methods, including homeopathy, cell-salt therapy, flower essence therapy, The Melchizedek Method, Quick Pulse, Advanced Quick Pulse, EFT, and more. She worked in Germany treating clients with various alternative methods. Linda moved to the US with her two children in the 2004. She received her certificate in homeopathy and kept pursuing to learn and study alternative healing methods.

Beginning of 2015, Linda got introduced to the Yuen Method. Since then she was developing Physio-Psychology – a more in depth technique, that allows her, to get to the very core of the specific issue or problem. What is of absolut importance for her, is to completely eliminate a client’s problem. She does not just want it to improve, she wants to eliminate it completely. Her approach is to identify all the sources, reasons, and causes of a problem, as specific as they might be.

Consciously reconnecting her clients to source energy, the infinite source of unconditional love, is part of her work as well as clearing out any unsupportive energies in clients’ chakras and remove any imbalances in the meridian system.

Linda successfully improved her family members, friends, herself, and her clients since then.

She opened her own business Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology to improve as many people as possible.