Less Aging - Vibrational Fitness

Physio-Psychology raises your Vibrational Energy

At some point in our life, we start to worry about aging. Not only about our physical appearance, but also about our physical health, which is supposedly declining with age. But this is simply not true. There are a lot of collective influences about aging, how to slow aging, or even stop and reverse aging. Most of those methods refer to diet, creams, Botox, and other “outer” recipes, to stop or slow down aging. The main reason for aging is that we slow down physically – our systems, organs, etc. slow down, and that makes us age. Our vibrational fitness is as important as our internal speed – and to stop aging – we have to increase our internal speed. Our body has the incredible ability to heal itself, and cells will be regenerated about every 6 months.


Other factors might include any karmas or curses in relation to aging, also traumatic experiences about aging from other lifetimes. And our mental thoughts about aging play a very important role, how old we feel. If we believe consciously, subconsciously or even unconsciously that we are aging, we will, simply because that is what we are sending out, and therefore what we are getting back. There is a lot of misinformation about aging in our world, and along with that come sensations, emotions, and reactions about aging.

What makes us age, besides our internal speed and our vibrational fitness, are an accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions, reactions, limiting belief systems, and pain – physical and non-physical. All those negative thoughts, should they be repeatedly thought, will at some point physically manifest in our body – as toxins, or cell debris, and if our lymphatic system cannot handle all this debris, we age, or even get sick. Everything we suppress constantly – any anger, disappointment, despair, or pain can also manifest in our physical bodies, and then we do not only age, but get sick.

It does not have to come that far. With Physio-Psychology, you can do what is necessary to slow or even stop aging.