Health - Pain, Illness and Injury

Physio-Psychology raises your Vibrational Energy

Do you suffer any health issues? Are you in pain? Do you experience chronic pain or acute pain from a recent injury or surgery? Are you constantly on pain meds to “manage” your pain?

Have you been diagnosed with an illness which cannot be cured medically, but instead taking meds to manage it? Are you tired, fatigued, exhausted, even if you do not work physically? Are you suffering from Insomnia, even though you are tired all day?

Do you experience all kind of physical issues, but those could not be resolved yet? Do you have high blood pressure, or are you at risk of a heart disease? Do you have back pain, and nobody could help you? Did you have surgeries, which did not help at all? Are you suffering from allergies? Were you diagnosed with Depression, ADHD, or any other mental disorder?


We are all used to the Western approach to health. That means we look at the symptoms, and treat the symptoms – as much as we can. But we are not looking at the causes, sources and reasons for any ailment we are experiencing. To give you an example, let’s talk about back pain. If someone experiences back pain, and it does not go away, they go and see a medical professional. Depending on what they find or not find, they might prescribe physical therapy, massages, chiropractic treatments, or even surgery and if there is no improvement pain medication is the last resort to “manage” the pain. At this point, the root causes of the pain could not be determined. And people end up taking heavy pain medication for years, which might lead to opioid dependence or liver problems, or any other side effects those drugs might have. If we have any physical ailments, it does not mean, that those are only physical. In most cases they are a combination of physical, and/or mental and/or emotional and/or psychological, and/or spiritual influences.

Any combination of those mentioned above is possible. There can be past live experiences, traumas, karma, and ancestral influences as well as the influences of our physical surroundings, from our family members, and cultural, religious, or collective influences. Pinpointing the real reasons, causes, and sources of your afflictions and correcting and eliminating them, will make your pain and ailments simply disappear.