Children - Physical and Mental Health

Physio-Psychology raises your vibrational energy

Children are our greatest gifts, but also reason for our biggest worries and concerns. We love our children so much, but we always worry about their health, development, success in school, college, and the list goes on.

Are your children physically healthy? What about their mental and psychological health? Do they have learning disabilities, or are they diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or any form of autism? Do they suffer from depression and/or anxiety? Are they suffering from their parents got separated or a divorce? Did you loose your connection to your child? If our children are older, we worry about their career, their happiness, their families, and their children. Do you have children who are teenagers and do not want to go to school? Do not know what to do? Are you kids insecure, or angry, do they talk to you, do you know what problems they have?

Our children can and should be physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually healthy. Children – from very young age to adulthood are very often diagnosed with mental disorders, which are not really what they seem to be. Often, weaknesses in children come from their school, their physical surroundings, classmates, or teachers. That does not mean, that teachers are mean, but there might be some karma involved, and maybe you have experienced your kids being great in school, they change teachers, and their grades drop, as does their behavior. Through revealing the true reasons, causes, and sources for any affliction your child or children are suffering – should they be physical or non-physical – and eliminating them, your child or children will improve. Children especially improve much faster than adults, because they do not have stored as many beliefs, traumas, or emotions as adults. It is not necessary for your children, to work directly with me, I can correct through you (surrogate correction) all the traumas, karma, emotions, and whatever else is creating your child’s ailment, discomfort, or disorder.