Cells, Cellular Memory, and Triggers

Lind Goodling Physio-Psychology Cells Cellular Memory and Triggers

An adult person has about 37.2 trillion cells in his or her body.

That would be 7 x 1027 Atoms in an adult body. Pretty amazing, right?

At this time and age, we have to start looking beyond the physical – we all learned at school, what the physical components of our cells are, and how they work on a physical level, but what about the energetic level of a cell?

Let’s talk about cells, cellular memory and Triggers.

EVERYTHING that we have ever experienced – from this life and all other lives, and all the information of the lineage of our ancestors (and a lot more) is stored in every single cell of our physical body.  We also store a lot of information in the empty spaces – in and around our atoms, molecules, cells and so forth.  Our physical body has a lot more empty spaces than actual matter.  

There is so much information there, not only our traumas, karmas, and curses, but also our emotions, reactions, sensations, and those from our ancestors.  But there is more –  like belief systems and -patterns, information about contracts we have made, promises, oaths, vows, and pledges. Everything is stored in our Cells,  Cellular Memory and triggers us, if we experience a situation where 3 components of a stored trauma come together (like smell or taste, color, time of the year, age, place, etc.).

The summary of all that information basically determines how we live today. And because everything is stored in our physical body and all our empty spaces, we react to a combination of things –  those are triggers. 

Triggers can literally be anything – from a smell, a taste, a city, a place, a word or a combination of words, a situation, where we have never been in, but we start panicking, feeling anxiety, or getting sick. Something “triggers” our cellular memory, and the experience was live-threatening, or scary, so we react to that stored memory, without consciously knowing what is really going on. We simply do not understand what is happening. 

Very often, what we call allergies, are physical reactions to traumatic experiences which are stored as information in our cells. If those traumatic experiences including all concomitant sensations, emotions, and reactions are being “deleted”, the symptoms of allergies simply disappear.

And so it is for all the other things in our life – with Physio-Psychology I can correct problems in relationships, finances, career, and health through pinpointing the real reasons, causes and sources.