Everything is Energy – And Energy is Vibration


What is Energy? And what is vibration? Let’s examine that closer. First and foremost, let us define “Energy”: The word “Energy” derives from the Ancient Greek: ἐνέργεια, romanized: energeia, which means “activity” or “operation.” The Energy in Physics describes the capacity of doing work. There are a lot of different types of Energy, and I want to mention just a few: Kinetic […]

The Rubber Band Effect


Feeling You never get what you want? Do you believe you worked so hard for what you want and are not able to get it? Could be your dream career, your dream partner, the house you always wanted. Do you suffer from our current situation, the pandemic, the limited social contacts, the financial uncertainty? You […]

About Illness, Pain, and the Need to Suffer


If we talk about illness, pain and the need to suffer, I want to tell you that I know a lot of people who are in pain, physically or emotionally. And each and everyone can be freed from all the pain, no matter what diagnosis a doctor has given, or how “damaged” they feel from […]

About Karma


About Karma: It is basically: What goes around, comes around. We can also describe it as the cause and effect of an action. But what does that mean for us? We have all lived many lives, and in those lives, we all murdered, raped, hurt, or betrayed others. And that all happened to us too. So there […]

About Consciousness of Lack vs. Consciousness of Abundance


If About Consciousness of Lack vs. Consciousness of Abundance If we try to find out about consciousness of lack vs. consciousness of abundance, we have to ask ourselves: Are we thinking in ‘lack’ or ‘abundance’? This is pretty easy to find out, here are a few examples:  “Only rich people can afford this” “There are […]

God And Our Religious Beliefs

Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

We were all raised more or less with a religious belief about God – and after working with different Energy Healing Methods for close to 30 years now, my beliefs about God – I would rather call this energy Source – are completely reversed. Source is an energy, a power that is way beyond our […]

Cells, Cellular Memory, and Triggers

Lind Goodling Physio-Psychology Cells Cellular Memory and Triggers

An adult person has about 37.2 trillion cells in his or her body. That would be 7 x 1027 Atoms in an adult body. Pretty amazing, right? At this time and age, we have to start looking beyond the physical – we all learned at school, what the physical components of our cells are, and […]

Trauma – Shock and the Effects on our Body

Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology Trauma - Shock and the Effects on our Body

We all experience trauma – shock and the effects on our body. Trauma can be a physical or a non-physical experience, but mostly it is both. Different Traumas: Non-Physical: Emotional trauma:  Being abandoned, rejected, humiliated, or grieving the loss of a loved one. Spiritual trauma: Financial betrayal in a former life, heartbreak in a former […]