About Money and Finances


About Money and Finances:

We all have so many beliefs about money and most of those are wrong.

Truth is: There is more money on this planet than air to breathe. Now here is the a question:
How do we get some that overflowing amount of money? 

We have to be “strong” to:
Having money
Having a lot of money,
Having enough money,
Having not enough money,
Having no money. 

This has nothing to do with our profession, it is simply if we are strong to all those components, money will come naturally to us.

And of course there is more:

Spending money,
Saving money,
Handling money,

Not holding on to money,
aking money.

Each of those components have to be strong in order to improve our finances, and we also have to be strong to:

Being rich,
Not being rich,
Being poor,

Not being poor. 

Each of those components has to be strengthened and existing karma, curses, trauma, limiting beliefs, and emotions as well as misinformation and external influences (family, ancestors, collective, religion , etc.) have to be deleted, in order for money to flow through us.

There are a lot of fears around money, and holding on to money is not working with money energy.

We believe when we save money, and are holding on to it, we can accumulate money. But it is actually the flow of money, that will supply us with it.

Money needs to flow – to us and away from us, in a constant stream – like everything in the Universe is in constant movement. Imagine, if one of our planets would suddenly stop moving! 

If we hold on to money too much, we create stagnation and the natural flow of money is interrupted. 

There are also a lot of belief systems about money, like: “You have to work hard for your money”. “Rich people are A….holes”, as well as personal beliefs “I will never have enough money” or “Whatever I do, I barley make ends meet”.

All those beliefs are “weakening” us, when it comes to our finances. 

Interestingly, there are a lot of emotions about money: Anger, rage, frustration, and despair are the most common emotions about money.

And a lot of us actually belief, that it is better to be poor and “good” than rich and “bad”. 

These are just a few examples about what is hindering us from having all the money we desire. 

If you are interested in improving your finances, contact me – sign up on my website and send me an email – I’ll be happy to answer questions.

Written by Linda

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