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About Karma: Karma is basically: What goes around, comes around. But what does that mean for us? We have all lived many lifes, and in those lives we all murdered, raped, hurt, or betrayed others. And that all happened to us too. So there is a lot of Karma within each of us, and it is time, to stop reliving our past, don’t you think?
Now, Karma is something that belongs to our journey as a soul, in a certain way we chose to make those experiences to grow, but does that mean, that we have to suffer from past life karma forever? No, not at all.
Karma can be neutralized. And it is time for us to accept it and just do it, because it makes our life so much better.
We cannot delete karma per se, because it is kind of part of us, but we can strengthen us to those karmic experiences, and delete the cumulative effects of them, so they do not have any effect on us anymore.
We also carry karma from our family members, spouses and their families, ancestors, and descendants. And those karmic experiences can also be neutralized, so they will not affect you anymore.
From my experience, very often there is a lot of karma in the relationships we have – could be family or spouse, or friends, and colleagues.
There is also financial karma, business karma, and a lot more.
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Written by Linda

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