About Karma: It is basically: What goes around, comes around. We can also describe it as the cause and effect of an action. But what does that mean for us? We have all lived many lives, and in those lives, we all murdered, raped, hurt, or betrayed others. And that all happened to us too. So there is a lot of Karma within each of us, and it is time to stop reliving our past.

We do not only have our own karma to carry around, we have to deal with a lot more of it –  originating from : our ancestors, the collective, our culture, and religion.

Karma is something that belongs to our journey as a soul. In a certain way, we chose to make those experiences to grow, but does that mean that we have to suffer from choices we made in past lives  forever? No, not at all. It can be neutralized. And it is time for us to accept it and do it, because it makes our life so much better.

Karma cannot be just erased. because it is part of our soul’s journey -which we chose to experience – but Physio-Psychology can certainly strengthen us to all those karmic experiences and delete the cumulative effects of those. When those effects are deleted, including all the triggers, emotions, reactions, traumas, and whatever else is connected – which is different for every individual – it is not affecting us anymore.

Karma comes in any shape and form – in finances and money,  in the area of career, business and job, in relationships , karma of stealing, murdering, any form of abuse, any form of crime, the list is seemingly infinite. But don’t let that discourage you – book a consultation with me,  so you can not only get rid of your karma, but improve in any area of your life!