About Illness, Pain, and the Need to Suffer


If we talk about illness, pain and the need to suffer, I want to tell you that I know a lot of people who are in pain, physically or emotionally. And each and everyone can be freed from all the pain, no matter what diagnosis a doctor has given, or how “damaged” they feel from their life experiences.

The differences of people who are actually improving and those who are not (and keep suffering) are mainly their belief systems. If you were diagnosed with illness XWZ and you belief what western medicine is telling you – that there is no cure for that disease, you can’t be cured. With the exception that you are recognizing your limiting belief and get rid of it. There are many different ways to do that, but it is important to recognize that this is just a belief!

The other very important factor is, that some people literally need their illnesses – for a variety of reasons: They need to get attention, they feel they do not deserve vibrant health, they need drama in their lives, they feel they have to suffer, and the list goes on.

For me personally, it is completely unacceptable to accept any pain or illness, because a western doctor cannot treat you. Physical pain or illness can be eliminated by finding the true sources, causes, and reasons for those.

A genetic belief system would be that cancer runs in the family, which is just not true, proven by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Or: “My father had kidney problems, so I might have those too!” That would be literally an invitation to get a kidney disease. Another example: “My family never had enough money, that runs in the family.”

I could write a book about belief systems, but just that you see a complete different example: “I don’t want to be rich, because rich people are assh……” That is just a belief, but with this one in place, you will not get rich, trust me!

Last but not least a famous one: “No pain, no gain” How many people actually belief that? No wonder, we all have to work so hard for our money!

We are influenced by so many factors: Parents, teachers, bosses, friends, authorities (government, religious, you name it), the media, and this starts actually prenatal.

And those are just the ones, which are obvious! We are also influenced by the collective consciousness which is not so obvious to us, because we cannot pinpoint it. A lot of energy of the collective is still fear, and each one of us is connected to the collective, so it is important for us to know.

Interestingly, when you start improving in one area of your life,you will improve on all levels of your existence – finances, relationship, family, career, you name it. Because we are not only body, or only mind. We are Body, Mind, and Spirit, intimately connected and none of it can be excluded from the equation.