About God

About God

About God - Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

We were all raised more or less with a religious belief about God – and after working with different Energy Healing Methods for close to 30 years now, my beliefs about God – I would rather call this energy Source – are completely reversed. Source is an energy, a power that is way beyond our imagination. It is pure and divine unconditional love. Yeah, you might say, we have heard that before, but what does that really mean? We have no clue about unconditional love, the closest we can get to it is our love for our children. Can you imagine loving everybody, and everything? All the mean people, the abusers, rapists, killers, animal abusers, power abusers, greedy people? Can you imagine loving all the same, no matter what they do, how much harm they create for others? Can you imagine not judging people who kill others, and do horrible things to other living beings?

That is Source Energy.

No, I do not believe, God or Source is judging, and if we are good, we go to heaven, and if we are bad, we end up in hell. Those are man made criteria. Those have nothing to do with Source.

I also do not believe that if we just pray long enough, God will come and save us all. What we do when we pray is giving our responsibility away, and basically making God or Source responsible for our misery. I personally find that very disturbing.

We are all connected to Source, each one of us, we are actually all part of Source Energy and we are all connected. We have this limitless stream of energy to our disposal, and instead of utilizing it, we give our power and our responsibility away, making Source responsible, and believe, if we just pray long enough, God will listen and take care for our needs.

I truly believe it is time for all of us, to take responsibility for our lives, and we all have the abilities to make our lives better. We just don’t remember. We forgot that we all have this connection to Source, and yes – with my work I find often, that my clients’ connection to Source is very weak – a result of traumatic experiences,  where we decided that we cannot trust God anymore, because of all those things that happened to us. We were raised, that God would protect us, if we were “good”, and even though we were good, it did not happen. At this point, a lot of  people lost trust in Source, and the connection is interrupted.
In my consultations I’ll make sure, that all my clients’ connection to Source Energy is strong – I correct all those traumas, pain, misperceptions, and belief systems that have led to disconnecting from Source.

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