About Consciousness of Lack vs. Consciousness of Abundance


If About Consciousness of Lack vs. Consciousness of Abundance

If we try to find out about consciousness of lack vs. consciousness of abundance, we have to ask ourselves: Are we thinking in ‘lack’ or ‘abundance’? This is pretty easy to find out, here are a few examples: 

“Only rich people can afford this”
“There are no partners out there for me”
“I will never be able to do that”
“This is so expensive”
“I would love to have this house, but with my salary I cannot finance it”
“They don’t pay enough for the job I like”

Those are typical examples of “thinking in lack”;

But the truth is: We can have everything, literally everything we want – there is an endless abundance on everything we need, want, and desire.

How do we get it?

First of all, we need to let go of all our limitations – and be aware that only 5% of what we think is conscious – 95 % of what we think and believe, is subconscious or even unconscious. And that is only what we think or believe. Now we are exposed to the collective, to our culture, to religion, to other people’s beliefs, our families, friends, coworkers. We are influenced by media, social media, and the news. That all is just from the present time. We are also influenced by our ancestors and descendants, their beliefs and actions which followed their beliefs.

Yes, we do have a lot limitations to deal with. But we can change, all of us, at any given moment. We have the freedom to choose new at every second of our life.

There is no need for anybody to suffer on this planet.

No, it is not enough to just change your conscious thinking, because our consciousness is like an iceberg: most of it is unseen (under water). But if you are ready to take responsibility for your own life, if you are ready to stop blaming others for your circumstances, if you are ready to stop complaining and move into action, then contact me.

I am able to “delete” all you conscious, subconscious, and unconscious blocks from having what you desire.

Check in with yourself: Do you have a consciousness of lack vs. consciousness of abundance?