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Linda Goodling Physio-Psychology

With Physio-Psychology, all your “weaknesses” can be strengthened not only in your physical body, but energy corrections are also happening in your quantum field; therefore your energy vibration will be higher. You will be able to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Any physical and non-physical issues can be addressed with Physio-Psychology and there are no limitations on what can be improved. Physio-Psychology is Vibrational Energy Healing – by correcting and deleting all your lower vibrational energies, your frequencies will automatically rise. If you want to improve any area of your life, and raise your vibration, this is the fastest way!

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Self Love – From Victim to Creator – Part 1 is now available!

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Daily Strengthening for your Central Nervous System

Meet Linda

“My deepest wish is to make the world a better place. I will do absolutely everything in my power to improve as many people as possible.“


What My Clients Say About My Work

I would like to thank Linda Goodling for doing this for me and my kids. I have my little girl back. She is doing so well. If you have any chronic pain, diagnoses that don’t make sense, or something is bothering you, give her a call and she can help. What do you have to loose except relief from whatever is holding you back from being truly happy. I recommend this if you are willing to try anything that will help. It can’t hurt you, only improve.

I have spent nearly 20 plus years trying to get my health back and have emotional peace with other Holistic practitioners. I did acquire some help but only temporary . I had one consult with Linda doing the Physio-Psychology- Method and we deleted more issues in 25 minutes than I had achieved in my life’s journey. Linda was able to delete my fundamental core issues.

I consider the work Linda does miraculous. In one session she removed all the emotion I had been carrying from having been sexually molested 60 years ago. I had gone through decades of therapy, worked with therapists to heal, and though it certainly helped with the PTSD and depression, it never helped with the central emotions of fear, disgust, hatred, and hopelessness. Linda did that in one session.

Physio-Psychology is done over the phone. There is no need for physical presence or physical connection.